Beekeeping and saffron

Beekeeping and saffron

We are a small organisation in the field of beekeeping and saffron growing that originates from the wish to improve our lives and a passion for nature and genuine tastes. On our farm of just over two hectares nestled among the hills of the countess Matilda, at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, we have created a business that shows great respect for our product in all the process and phases of farming, production and packaging.


Flos Saffron is planted, harvested and cleansed exclusively by hand. Every year the harvest is EXAMINED by accredited labs to verify the coloring power (Crocin), embittering power (Picrocrocin) and the scent (Safranal) of the spice so that we can certify the quality of the product.

FLOS saffron easily passes the required values for PRIME QUALITY ISO 3632 certification, thus guaranteeing to the customer a product of EXCELLENCE. We reach this goal thanks to the great care we put into the entire production process.


During the PREPARATION OF THE FIELD, to help the growing and reproduction phases of the crocuses, sand from the Po River is mixed into The earth. Following a series of tests we have proven the value of this solution. The sand optimises drainage and allows minerals into the soil, making the sensory properties of our saffron unique.  We do not use chemical agents and weeding is done by hand. The FLOWER PICKING starts at 4 a.m. so that the work finishes while the buds are still closed to avoid possible contamination of the product from insects , impurity and rain. It takes around 180 flowers for 1 gram of finished product. As soon as the flowers are picked we perform the SEPARATION process, trying to divide (as well as possible) the three stigmata and eliminate the white “tails” to obtain a pure product. We choose a gentle DESICCATION process with warm air under 45°C so that the saffron is not toasted and the taste is not altered, thus also avoiding possible contamination from ash residue as is the case with desiccation on embers. The product is STOCKED in glass jars to guarantee perfect conservation of the spice without contamination of smell and taste from the container.  FLOS SAFFRON is packaged and sold in PURE STIGMATA as a guarantee of integrity and non alteration or manipulation of the product. The whole process is performed within 12 hours of the flower picking.


Our families of bees live in HIVES made of non treated fir wood and assembled without using glue, but with nails and screws and the paints used are non-toxic since they are water-based. We re-use our WAX for the honeycombs so that we are sure of the quality and origin. We generally take around 15% of the total honey produced and we do not extract it from the nest, but exclusively from the special frames. The use of SMOKE is reduced to a minimum and sometimes not used at all so as not to alter the sensory properties of the honey and the wax, which both easily absorb odours and tastes. FLOS honey is not treated to conserve all of its rich properties.


As it rests for AROUND 60 DAYS in cold infusion in our acacia honey, the saffron gives it unique, inimitable characteristics. The aromas of the spice and the honey merge without ever prevaricating over each other, MAINTAINING A BALANCE OF TASTE AND SCENT. The result is an elegant amber color that completes the extraordinary sensory experience.


Comes from a 6 month ageing process in OAK BARRIQUES. The intense aromas of the oak tannins and the infused saffron are brought out by a technique similar to batonnage. LIMITED PRODUCTION.


•ACACIA E NOCCIOLE INTERE. Whole hazelnuts in acacia honey.

•NOCCIOLINO. Spreadable cream made from acacia honey and hazelnut paste without thickeners or preservatives.

•Thanks to a collaboration with professionals in the herbal remedies field, we have come up with the idea of a line of health products.

The MIRTILLINO was designed to naturally benefit the circulatory system, combining our acacia or multi-flower honey with fresh Italian blueberry juice.

GINGER HONEY is a natural stimulant of the immune and digestive systems as well as giving energy. It combines acacia or multi-flower honey with the unmistakable taste of ginger and lemon juice.

They can be enjoyed eaten directly with a spoon or in hot water as an instant drink.

We produce 100% PURE PROPOLIS - ROYAL JELLY - POLLEN without adding other substances that could alter the characteristics. They are produced locally with artisan methodologies and with full respect for the environment.

The FLOS production process allows us to maintain the most precious nutritional properties  intact, thus guaranteeing safe, superior quality products.

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